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Summer 2015


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Human Physiology (HPHY)
122C Esslinger, 541-346-4107
College of Arts & Sciences
Course Data
  HPHY 111   The Science of Sex >3 4.00 cr.
The anatomy and physiology of sex, with assignments and discussion designed to develop scientific literacy.
Grading Options: Graded for Majors; Optional for all other students
Instructor: Dawson SE-mail Office:   215 Johnson Hall
Phone:   (541) 346-6836

Instructor: Francisco ME-mail Office:   141 Esslinger Hall
Phone:   (541) 346-4507
  CRN Avail Max Time Day Location Instructor Notes
  41043 23 48 1100-1320 mtwr
41 LIB Dawson S  
Francisco M

Final Exam:

1015-1215 f 8/14 41 LIB
Academic Deadlines
Deadline     Last day to:
July 21:   Drop this course (100% refund, no W recorded)
July 22:   Drop this course (75% refund, no W recorded)
July 23:   Last day to change to or from audit
July 23:   Add this course
July 23:   Withdraw from this course (75% refund, W recorded)
July 27:   Withdraw from this course (50% refund, W recorded)
July 29:   Withdraw from this course (25% refund, W recorded)
August 6:   Withdraw from this course (0% refund, W recorded)
August 5:   Change grading option for this course
Caution You can't drop your last class using the "Add/Drop" menu in DuckWeb. Go to the “Completely Withdraw from Term/University” link to begin the complete withdrawal process. If you need assistance with a complete drop or a complete withdrawal, please contact the Office of Academic Advising, 101 Oregon Hall, 541-346-3211 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday). If you are attempting to completely withdraw after business hours, and have difficulty, please contact the Office of Academic Advising the next business day.

Expanded Course Description
This 100-level course has been designed for non-science majors fulfilling their science group-satisfying requirement. The objectives of the course are to 1) empower non-science majors with the tools that science literacy offers them to answer questions about their own health and wellness and 2) provide students with the resources to better understand human anatomy and physiology as it relates to sexual function. The course will include daily preparatory assignments that set the stage for active learning in the classroom. In addition, each student will pursue a unique topic and then design and conduct their own mini-research project, concluding with dissemination of their findings to the class.

The course will use science journalist Mary Roach's book "Bonk: the curious coupling of science and sex" as a scaffolding and beginning point for further exploration. This course will include frank, open and scientific discussions on topics that are often ignored due to culture stigma, but have a great impact on human health and wellness. Students should come prepared for lively, light-hearted, brazen, direct, scientifically accurate and interesting preparatory assignments and discussions on the anatomy and physiology of human sexual function.

This course will introduce students to the study of human anatomy and physiology, while simultaneously arming them with the tools of science literacy. These tools include critiquing the information they hear or read, identifying credible sources of information, decoding graphically represented data, developing a testable hypothesis, collecting, analyzing and presenting data, and questioning themselves and others in the pursuit of knowledge.

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