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Summer 2017


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Folklore (FLR)
118 Prince Lucien Campbell, 541-346-3911
Folklore, College of Arts & Sciences
W - Computer based/online course; requires access to the internet
Course Data
  FLR 250   Intro to Folklore >1 >IP 4.00 cr.
The process and genres of traditional (i.e., folk) patterning; the relations between these forms of expression and other arts, especially English and American literature.
Grading Options: Graded for Majors; Optional for all other students
Instructor: Baumann JE-mailHomepage Office:   457 PLC
Phone:   (541) 654-2060
  CRN Avail Max Time Day Location Instructor Notes
  40896 33 50 tba 8/21-9/17 WEB Baumann J W
Academic Deadlines
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August 22:   Drop this course (100% refund, no W recorded)
August 23:   Drop this course (75% refund, no W recorded)
August 24:   Last day to change to or from audit
August 24:   Add this course
August 24:   Withdraw from this course (75% refund, W recorded)
August 28:   Withdraw from this course (50% refund, W recorded)
August 30:   Withdraw from this course (25% refund, W recorded)
September 7:   Withdraw from this course (0% refund, W recorded)
September 7:   Change grading option for this course
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Expanded Course Description
This course introduces students to the research questions, theoretical orientations, and fieldwork methods used to study folklore, and therefore satisfies the Arts and Letters group requirements. Students will examine concepts that are central to folkloristic inquiry, survey the social groups and folklore genres that have preoccupied folklorists, investigate the meanings and functions of folklore, and explore relationships between folklore and social issues. The course provides an overview of research methods and theories of culture, and explores topics such as narrative, genre, identity, gender, race, and ethnicity as these apply to everyday life, and the meanings of cultural heritage and expression in cross-cultural perspectives. Students will develop critical thinking and research skills, as well as their abilities to communicate orallyand in writing, and will be given the tools and opportunity to document and analyze folkloric expression through interviews, fieldwork, and a research paper.
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