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Summer 2018


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English Literature (ENG)
118 Prince Lucien Campbell, 541-346-3911
College of Arts & Sciences
Course Data
  ENG 104   Intro Lit: Fiction >1 4.00 cr.
Works representing the principal literary genres.
Grading Options: Graded for Majors; Optional for all other students
See CRN for CommentsPrereqs/Comments: Class Cancelled - HF 7/11/18
  CRN Avail Max Time Day Location Instructor Notes
  42500 cancelled 1000-1150 mtwr
  tba !
Academic Deadlines
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July 26:   Last day to change to or from audit
July 26:   Add this course
July 26:   Withdraw from this course (75% refund, W recorded)
July 30:   Withdraw from this course (50% refund, W recorded)
August 1:   Withdraw from this course (25% refund, W recorded)
August 9:   Withdraw from this course (0% refund, W recorded)
August 9:   Change grading option for this course
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Expanded Course Description
ENG 104 offers students a broad introduction to the study of literary fiction, one of the major genres in literary studies. Whether readings focus on the stories and novels of major writers or on works from a specific period or national tradition, students develop analytical skills that will allow them to think, write, and speak intelligently about fiction. The course addresses basic questions about the nature of prose narrative and the interrelated activities of reading, writing, and interpretation. What is a story, and what role do stories play in our cultural and political lives? Is interpretation of a literary text a purely subjective process, or are some interpretations more valid than others? Narrative technique, point of view, and character development are some of the terms and concepts examined in the course, though each instructor will bring his or her own analytical framework to the class. Weekly readings of short stories and novels are substantial in scope and difficulty, and students will be asked to compose critical essays of varying length, totaling at least 8-10 pages. As a basic introduction to a major genre in the field of literary studies, this course satisfies the university's Group Requirement in the Arts and Letters category. It is not recommended for English Majors, who are encouraged to enroll in the department's more historically oriented and comprehensive Introduction to the English Major sequence, ENG 220-222.
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