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Fall 2020


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Journalism (J)
134 Allen Hall, 541-346-3738
School of Journalism & Communication
9 - Low cost (less than $50) for class textbook materials.
E - Classroom is located on a level that is not accessible by elevator.
L - Course day/time/location changed; check course detail for more information
M - Major, minor, pre-major, or concentration restrictions. If restricted by date, click on CRN to see effective dates; courses with no date are restricted through the registration deadline. Contact the academic department for additional information.
P - This course has special meeting dates. Academic Deadlines stated below do NOT apply. Please contact the academic department for more information.
U - Some or all of the seats in this section are reserved for students in Freshman Interest Groups (FIG) or Academic Residential Communities (ARC)
V - On DuckWeb, cannot drop on/after first class day (after 5pm Fri if starts Sat/Sun) or add after term deadline. To drop or add after these dates, email from your UO email. Deadlines based on days of course complete when contacted.
c - Course is part of SOJC's new full major core (J210, J 211, J 212, J 213). This J 199 course will be renumbered to J 213 in early June 2018; Registered students who don't meet pre-req's will be dropped from the course.
f - This J 410 course will be renumbered to J 411M in early June 2018. Registered students who don't meet prereq's will be dropped from the course.
l - Latino Roots is a 2-part sequence course that requires enrollment held consecutively in Winter and Spring Term.
m - Open to all majors
n - For additional information and to apply see
o - J Majors and admisssion to the SOJC Honors Program required.
p - Students who don't have prereqs, please email instructor for approval
q - Exceptions email instructor for approval
r - Open to non-SOJC majors after Jan 1 with instructor approval
s - Students who do not meet the prerequisite requirements can email faculty with their backgroud experiece for approval.
w - This J 399 course will be renumbered to J 411M in early June 2018. Registered students who don't meet prereqs will be dropped from the course.
x - Previously taught as J 412; not repeatable.
Approval Required- Dept or Instructor approval required; check course details for effective dates. When approved, use the Add/Drop menu to add the course by entering the CRN directly
See CRN for Comments- See CRN for pre-requisites or other comments
Additional Web Resources Available- Additional web resources are available for this CRN
Meets in Portland- Class meets in Portland
Classes Found
  J 208   Intro Documentary Prod 4.00 cr.
Grading Options: Graded for Majors; Optional for all other students
  CRN Avail Max Time Day Location Instructor Notes
  13478 1 20 1015-1145 mw 00 REMOTE Martinez G Approval Required!AM

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