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Spring 2022


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Japanese (JPN)
308 Friendly, 541-346-4041
East Asian Languages & Literatures
College of Arts & Sciences
H - Honors
M - Major, minor, pre-major, or concentration restrictions. If restricted by date, click on CRN to see effective dates; courses with no date are restricted through the registration deadline. Contact the academic department for additional information.
Y - Combined final exam. See Final Exam Schedule.
a - Not open to students whose language ability exceeds course content
b - Placement examination required for all new or returning students
c - Final exam to be announced.
g - Second Year Seminars are open only to undergraduates who are in their second year or graduated high school in June 2009. Ineligible students who register will be administrately dropped from the seminars.
Approval Required- Dept or Instructor approval required; check course details for effective dates. When approved, use the Add/Drop menu to add the course by entering the CRN directly
See CRN for Comments- See CRN for pre-requisites or other comments
Additional Web Resources Available- Additional web resources are available for this CRN
Classes Found
  JPN 303   3rd Year Japanese >1 5.00 cr.
Grading Options: Optional; see degree guide or catalog for degree requirements
  CRN Avail Max Time Day Location Instructor Notes


31113 4 20 1100-1150 mwf 303 GER O'Brien Y !AabY

+ Dis

31114 4 20 1100-1150 tr 45 COL Akayama S !

+ Dis

31117 cancelled -     tba !


31115 3 20 1200-1250 mwf 303 GER O'Brien Y !AabY

+ Dis

31116 cancelled -     tba !

+ Dis

31118 3 20 1200-1250 tr 44 COL Akayama S !

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